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Lucky Dave’s brings to market our line of performance-driven seats. You can expect the same superior quality with our seats as you have come to count on with all our parts. Available in Double Diamond or Tuck n’ Roll stitch, this high back design will give you plenty of support and comfort no matter what type of riding you are doing. Our seat is designed to keep you locked in that sweet spot. The concept behind our seats is to provide a crowning piece for your bike that also performs.

Seat Technology: All our seats are made using progressive density, closed cell foam and medical grade gel. The closed cell foam does not break down over time, giving you the support you need and evenly dispersing pressure. The medical grade gel promotes circulation and reduces up to 90 percent of the vibration transferred through the seat from your motorcycle to your body. During R&D we found that we can easily add a couple hundred miles to a day of riding with this gel, as it isolates vibration and dramatically reduces fatigue. We believe in it so much that it comes standard in all our seats! Not only the rider will benefit from medical grade gel inserts but also the passenger. We prefer the sound of a properly tuned evo or twin cam as opposed to a whining passenger!

Seat Cover Material: We have carefully selected the materials used when building our seats and the cover is no exception. We chose a premium vinyl over leather, as leather is not ideal for outdoor applications. It requires maintenance and is not as comfortable for the rider. We could place our vinyl next to any leather seat and you would probably think our seat was made from a higher quality leather - it’s that good! Gripper material is available upon request but is not ideal for every day riding.

Stitching Colors: This refers to the colored ring around our LD logo. Options are Black, Red, Grey, White, or Gold. On Double Diamond stitching pattern, the stitching on the actual seat portion will match the colored ring around the LD logo.

All of our products are made right here in Southern California.

Additional information

Seat color

Black, Brown, Grey


Tuck n Roll, Double Diamond Stitching, Smooth

Stitching color

Black, Grey, Red, White, Gold, Custom


  1. Andretti Esposito (verified owner)

    First I’d like to mention that the customer service provided from these guys matches their product. I called a few separate times asking all the same questions: is the gripper material good for day to day commuting? is it REALLY all that good for a passenger? am I really going to love this more than other seats in the same price range? he was extremely honest and confident with all of his answers. (I spoke with Dave each time) I bought this seat in the double diamond pattern with black stitching and it looks real good. simple and clean but extremely stylish and functional. the second I put it on I rode it for about 45 minutes and never had to readjust myself to ‘get comfortable’ like you would on most other seats. its a firm seat but in the best way. you don’t feel like you’re smashing your tailbone into the fender on harder bumps. also as far as fitment from seat to bike, its perfect. it fits like a bolt on part should. the tongue slides right under the tank and the seat screw tab went right into place. seat doesn’t budge once its mounted. the seat itself is narrow where you want it when you’re sitting at a light or trying to Flintstone your bike in a parking lot but once you’re in riding position, you’re locked in. I’ve owned and ridden the other ‘stunt/aggressive’ seats on the market and this one is the best. BUY IT BEFORE EVERYONES GOT ONE.

  2. Matthew Brooking (verified owner)

    The first thing I noticed was how amazing the quality was, even the bottom looked as good as the top. Everything about the seat was top notch as far as looks go. Then I installed it. The fit on the bike was perfect, it matches the curves of the bike brilliantly. I have put about 500 miles on my bike with this seat and have been very comfortable. It provides enough support on your back to ease any back pain you may have if you ride a long distance. I gave this seat 5 stars and would and have definitely recommend it to other people. It’s a beautiful seat that is very comfortable! What more could you ask for!

  3. Jake Slane (verified owner)

    I’d like to say that I ordered my seat (gold double diamond stitch) and couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase, the fit and finish is absolutely superb. The quality is top notch, every aspect of the seat is meticulously thought out and by far the best looking two-up seat might I add best seat in general available. I was researching seats for months, and couldn’t settle on anything until I saw this seat. I have three herniated discs in my lumbar and I feel like I can ride all day with no issues, as a matter of fact I did a 600 mile round trip last weekend and my back pain was minute, that same ride with the other seats I’ve tried made me sore for days. $500 for a seat might seem steep but if you think about it your paying damn near the same price for any Mustang, Le Pera or Corbin seat and I can tell you right now you won’t get the same presice quality you get from Lucky Dave’s seat. Nothing compares. Plus it’s made right here in America. I can go on and on about this seat, all I can say is that this seat has by far exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend it to anyone with or with out back pain. The memory foam and gel pads reduce vibration to a minimal making long rides much more enjoyable. Thanks lucky Dave’s for the rediculously perfect seat. Keep up the great American made product.

  4. Sam Chamberlain (verified owner)

    I got the diamond stitched seat and its awesome! It is well made and comfortable. The install was easy and had no problems with the fit. It is defiantly one of the best upgrades you should do to your bike.

  5. Tyson (verified owner)

    I should have bought this seat first. I’m 6’3″ and was a little worried I might be a little cramped but the riding position is perfect. I had a RSD Enzo and a Le Pera Daytona and experienced numbness while riding after 15 minute’s or so. Lucky Daves seat has the perfect amount of support and no more numbness. If your on the fence I would choose Lucky Daves all the way. I could have saved myself alot of trouble if I bought this seat first. Looks great too. 2016 FXDB

  6. Jordan (verified owner)

    Just fitted this seat to my FXDLS and absolutely love it! The finish and quality of the seat is outstanding. I’ve only been on one short ride at this stage but first impressions are great. It feels comfortable with plenty of support and puts me in a better riding position than the stock seat. Overall very happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a new seat.

  7. Aussie Al (verified owner)

    I didn’t realise how terrible my previous seat was until I received my Lucky Daves seat. I was initially hesitant spending so much on a seat and shipping half way across the world but my ass is very happy with the results. It’s firm but not too firm, it’s the perfect shape that really compliments the lines of my FXDB and the quality of craftsmanship is superb.
    Thanks very much Lucky Daves, very impressed with the product and service.

  8. Lonnie (verified owner)

    This seat fires on all cylinders!! It’s well made, comfortable, goes right on, and is flat out SICK looking! Thank you Dave and the team at Lucky Dave’s, my seat turned out better than I imagined it.

  9. Matthew (verified owner)

    I was dead set on purchasing a seat from Dave but I couldn’t pull the trigger on which route to take; either the diamond or the tuck. It’s not hard to find reviews on the diamond, but there was little to no input on the Tuck n’ Roll. After some thought I went with the Tuck design for that old school look and I can honestly tell you that I couldn’t be happier. This seat is incredibly comfortable and light years from the feel of the original stock seat. The medical grade gel incorporated into the seat provides a comfort that is unparalleled in other after market seats. Road vibration has been minimized and I have yet to catch myself shifting in my seat. From the overall design to the care and craftsmanship that Dave puts into these seats can be seen from the rider surface to flipping the seat over and admiring the finished quality of how it all gets buttoned up. Dave and his crew really have knocked it out of the park with this one.

  10. Mikey S. (verified owner)

    Dude, when it comes to the point where style meets comfort, style, and utility, this seat is perfect. The double diamond stitching not only looks classy, but each diamond section is slightly raised to provide superior grip, you won’t be sliding back and forth trying to find the right spot to get comfortable, and whether you prefer cruising or ripping, this seat will prove its value 100 times over at both 30 and 120mph.

    It’s both firm and soft, so you don’t feel like you sink into a couch, while still extremely comfortable. Against the tank it’s narrow and raised, offering riders an aggressive forward position that feels TOO good, and when sitting back and low youre supported and comfortable.

    I really can’t recommend this seat enough, it changes everything, and if you’re looking at the price thinking “Is it really THAT good?”

    The answer is Yes. Yes it is.

  11. Joe Clark (verified owner)

    Top notch product. Fast shipping. This is the most comfortable seat I have ever used. The marine grade vinyl is so nice and soft. I am totally pleased with the product and the construction of the seat is awesome. I highly recommend this seat to anyone. I have a bad disc in my back and this seat makes a huge difference on long rides. Way to go Lucky Daves!

  12. George Avila

    Lucky Daves quality strikes again! I had previously placed 2 sets of bars on both my dyna’s and initially knew this manufacturer was all about putting a quality product out. Therefore when I seen the the seats start to roll out, I didn’t think twice about buying one without even sitting on one! Once again best decision I’ve ever made! Thanks for the awesome product! Riding has been made more enjoyable thanks to you! 17 FXDLS

  13. Josh Hagquist

    Had the seat installed on my new FXDL and it’s awesome. Comfortable, tons of lower back support, and zero fatigue for me! The seat looks great (I got the tuck n roll), and the fit/finish on my bike is perfect. Best seat I’ve ever ridden on…and only seat I’ll ride from now on! @jphagquist

  14. Slingshot

    Quality seat. I heard nothing but + on these seats, so bought one at the same time I bought my newest Dyna. Threw it on the minute I finished signing the papers on the bike. Best saddle out there, don’t bother with anything else. USA made quality, fit & finish. Puts you about an inch forward and a just a bit higher. Firm, but absorbs and dampens EVERYTHING the other brands don’t. No slop and vibration like other seats, locks in tight and zero slop.

  15. Mark (verified owner)

    I had ordered the gold double diamond stitch and I couldn’t be happier!!! The seat is BAD ASS! It definitely is a upgrade from my stock Low Rider S seat. The quality is unbelievable as well, the entire bottom of the seat is lined with felt and all the rivets holding the vinyl on are well placed. It provides great lower back support and is soft enough to keep you from re-adjusting while you ride. I did notice that it did raise my riding position my maybe 1/2 inch which was helpful in my situation. It also has a perfect base that holds your entire but in place. Overall I would 100% recommend this seat to anyone looking for a upgrade. The customer service was fast and helpful. I would recommend ordering it while it’s still in stock and not backordered, the anticipation will drive you up the wall!

  16. J speed (verified owner)

    Got my Double Dimond stitch. Seat is comfortable and the gel makes a big difference… one of the best seats in the market

  17. Frank biglow (verified owner)

    Heard about these seats from Dynaholics. The seat I had was horrible. Bought a Lucky Daves one and couldn’t be happier. It’s the difference of a barstool and a lazy boy!! Ass hasn’t gone numb yet. I live in Hawaii so the best ride you are going to get is 3 hours. No slip. Everything stays put. And customer service was on point. Very responsive. Mahalo!!

  18. Jackie (verified owner)

    I got this seat for Christmas 2017. I wanted a seat with more lumbar support than the original Dyna seat. My first ride using the seat was a 500 miler. I could have ridden all day with this seat. The lumbar worked great! The seat placed me a little higher than the original seat(I’m 5’8) and placed me a little more forward, this worked out really well especially since I have forward controls. There was definitely less vibration so thank you for the gel. I got the diamond with red stitching. The seat is absolutely beautiful and oh so comfy! Lastly, the seat came super fast, within 3-4 days of ordering it. This is a great investment!

  19. Carl Friborg (verified owner)

    I bought this seat for my 2017 Low Rider S. The stock seat had zero support and my tailbone went numb after riding a half hour to work. I bought the black stitch tuck n’ roll seat which fit perfectly. The seat is very supportive and almost feels like it was made for your measurements – no sliding around to find the perfect spot. This is my first tuck n’ roll seat and couldn’t be happier with the support, comfort, and looks!

  20. jpseijo (verified owner)

    Tuck n’ Roll is a hell of a seat. Comfortable and the quality is on point. Shipped fast and showed up packaged nicely. I just ordered a set of bars from Lucky Dave’s …looking forward to them arriving and getting them on the bike. The only problem I foresee having is them being able to keep up with the demand and build this stuff as quick as we want it. The product seems to be that good. No worries at all though..This company has definitely got their ish together.

  21. pmp021 (verified owner)

    What an awesome seat. Such a massive improvement from the stock seat on my 2017 Low Rider S, comfort and style wise. Went on a 2 hour ride just after installing it and saw a huge improvement in comfort and back support.

    And unlike other manufacturers, this seat does not make me sit higher on the bike. Perfect for me since I’m 5’ 7.

    Also, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb. This ain’t no mass produced run of the mill seat.

    Ordered from Canada, took a little while to get here because of customs but it was SO WORTH IT.

    Would definetly recommend to anyone who rides a Dyna and would also recommend to anyone looking to add style and comfort to their ride.

  22. David Johnson (verified owner)

    I put a custom order seat on my 2013 Super Glide. The look, style, comfort and craftsmanship of this seat are awesome! I have put about 2500 miles on it so far, with 2 days of 600 miles each. The comfort is good for me for about 8 hours of riding. This is so much better than the stock seat. The lumbar support is great. The seat is smaller overall than I expected but is comfortable right out of the box. The passenger area is pretty narrow and was not comfortable for the passengers I’ve had. One other thing to note is the biker gel retains heat so after sitting in the hot sun all day you’ll feel the heat all the way home. My only real complaint and the reason for the 4 star rating is there is no plastic liner under the cover to keep rain from getting through the stitching and into the foam padding. Getting a wet backside after the bike sat in the rain was very disappointing for the amount of money spent on the seat. Overall, I am very happy with this seat and I would not hesitate to recommend this seat to anyone.

  23. Dennis

    Just rode from San Diego to Chicago in 3 days on my street bob. This seat is amazing. I have the tuck and roll and it was comfortable the whole trip. I did hit rain and the seat was not slippery. The step up on the back of the seat was enough to keep my ass planted in the high wind areas.

  24. Kevin 17 low rider s (verified owner)

    Top of the line for my low rider s. I wanted this seat for so long! I just couldn’t spend the money. If u are unsure about buying it. Don’t be worth ever penny. I was considering about selling the bike before I bought it. It out performs the stock seat and the mustang seat I got from the dealer. It’s like riding in a sparco racing seat but like sitting on a comfy love sofa

  25. edrev (verified owner)

    it is out of stock. So I was thinking about the Saddlelmen step-up seat, which is free of shipping charge, but I did well to buy Lucky Daves after waiting. I like this!

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