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Throttle by wire compatible. At just under 28″ wide the San Diego bar is made to perform all day long. We’ve engineered these bars to put your hands in the perfect position. Whether you are killing the streets or deep in the throttle on a long haul these bars do it all. BOTH 12″ AND 14″ SAN DIEGO BARS WILL FIT WITH STOCK 2017 and earlier STREETBOB CABLES. Bars are measured from the very bottom of the risers to the center of the highest point on the top bar. NOTE- All Bars 13″ and higher are built with a cross brace just above the bottom of the risers.


NOTE: What style master cylinder do you have? Please look at the photos below and select which style you have.
1995 and older:
1996 and newer:

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10'' inch, 12'' inch, 14'' inch, 16" inch


Chrome, Gloss Black

Bike Year

1994 and older, 1995 and newer


  1. Roman Olmos

    Most comfortable bars I’ve ever ridden with. I have always been a fan of the MX bars but what had been marketed at the time were 30-32″ wide which was very uncomfortable so went with traditional T-Bars for a while. Still needed that pull back so after riding a while on my T-Bars made the right choice in going with Lucky’s San Diego Bar. Best Decision I ever made ! Just enough pull back and bar width to make these the most bad ass MX bars for my Dyna.

  2. Brent Campbell

    These bars are the real deal. I have had a few sets of bars on my bike since I’ve owned it and now I have finally found what I’ve been looking for with these San Diego bars. Perfect combo of the awesome MX style look with just the right amount of pullback and narrowness. These are pretty narrow, not too narrow… just how I like it. I’d also like to add how easy it was to internally wire these bars in comparison to others. I have no idea what he did to make it so easy, but I like how he didn’t take an easy way out.

  3. Tom Moore

    I literally hated the MX T-Bars I had on my 2014 Street Bob and didn’t even want to ride it because it wasn’t ergonomically correct and made my arm go numb. Lucky Dave’s San Diego bars were like getting a whole new bike!! Perfect fit, finish, and the most comfortable riding position! Now I don’t want to get off my Dyna. Added bonus is the narrow width which makes it much easier to split lanes in traffic. I also feel like I have way more control of my bike now too. Forget the rest, I’ve tried most bars and these are the most comfortable bars out there!

  4. Bighouse

    I just bought my Dyna FXD about two months ago. It came with some other bars that killed my wrist every time I rode and I log about 1000 a month average. I found Lucky Dave’s San Diego bars and they rock. I can ride for days in comfort. They look killer and his design for the internal wiring made them easy to install.

  5. DannyD

    Ive been riding harleys now for 20 plus years, Lucky Daves bars are the most comfortable bars Ive ever owned, Ive had 4 different bar/riser combos on my lowrider in a year and nothing comes close to these. Perfect pullback, perfect width, they put you in an aggressive riding position, and great finish on product, combine that with Daves awesome customer service, theres nothing else to do but order a set. If you were thinking about another type of T-Bar, forget it. Lucky Daves is the shit, period. Thanks again for a great bar that makes riding the bike that much more enjoyable. FTW. Peace!

  6. Markus

    Performance and comfort. The first two words that come to mind when speaking of the San Diego Bar. Great position for the hands, highly controllable, perfect width for mobbing through traffic, super clean finish and easy to install. If you are in search for a Mx Bar, look no further. Give these a try, you will not regret your decision. I have ridden many 100 mile plus days and these bars are flawless. No numbness and great feel. Fees like I got a new bike, in love all over again. Thanks Dave for making such an awesome product.

  7. Chucho_wheeliez

    I run the sd bars on my dyna lowrider and have never been so happy with a set of bars. I’ve had different types and all were to wide or to narrow these r a perfect fit. The bends and style are on point. If ur looking for a t-bar that is comfortable ripping wheelies or craving canyons these r your bars and with the sweet hand crafted bar bag u can’t go wrong don’t think about it, buy, u won’t regret it I promise!!!!

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd set of bars I’ve had on my bike and definitely the most comfortable. They put my hands in the perfect position and the 14″ are perfect for someone who is 6’4. If I ever pick up another bike these will for sure be put on right away

  9. Tom P.

    Best bars ive ever had!!! A+++ They are really comfortable,
    install was cake,
    and im stoked that i can finally have narrow mx bars! Im really impressed with how much more controll i have with my bike now. Top notch product for sure!

  10. Will D (verified owner)

    Lucky Dave is the man and his product is the real deal. What I found special was that he answered my questions and provided install tips. I would recommend!

  11. @Bockchoy1 (verified owner)

    If you are looking for aggressive styling but still want comfortable bars for long commutes, look no further! The San Diego bars are the answer. Good quality, welds on point, internal wiring and badass looks!
    On top of this Dave offers the best customer support with updates on the order and everything.

  12. Gabriel Paulet (verified owner)

    i will like to thank you for shipping the san diego bar to italy , i don’t know if i’m the first in italy to order these bars , but i got to say it’s top quality bar , can’t wait to put it on . After using a 12” normal tbar for about 3 years i wanted to change to something more diferent and the san diego bar seemsto be it , thank’s again for the bars …

  13. Scooter McDyna (verified owner)

    Ordered the 14″ San Diego Bar in black. Beautiful looking bars, fantastic craftsmanship, top notch stuff. Comfortable as hell, no fatigued on long hauls. I’m short dude at 5’7″ and these are a perfect size. I heard people say to go a size taller than you think, they were right and glad I did, personally. Great customer service, kept me in the loop during the order processing all the way to shipping.

  14. milan

    First off, great fucking bars! I have swapped out my bars on my FXDB a few times as I kept having discomfort on longer hauls, I’ve had miniapes on there and other T-Bars. After looking around and reading the reviews about Lucky Daves I thought I would give them a try. I ordered the 14inch San Diego bars and best choice hands down. I’m 5’11 and the bars were perfect height and pull back. The narrower width of the bars made for a more comfortable ride and did not compromise riding in the slightest.

    As for Lucky Dave, I hit him up asking a few questions and got a response back within 10mins. A few days later my bars showed up.

  15. Hector

    I Ordered the 12 inch bar for my 2016 FXDB… And installation was stupidly easy….took about an hour and a half…. These are the most amazing bars out there

  16. Zak

    Super comfortable and love the look on my SB.

  17. Andretti Esposito

    I love my 12″ bars. most comfortable wrist angle from any one-piece handlebar. straight as an arrow construction and sturdy as hell. paired up with their new seat, you’ve got the most comfortable cockpit on any bike. don’t second guess any purchase from these guys, you’ll be missin out if you do.

  18. Blake (verified owner)

    Had another ‘top’ well known brand bars on previous to these bars. There are so many small differences to the lucky Daves bar which made them 100 times more comfortable. Just buy a set you won’t regret it

  19. ROBERT SAYADIAN (verified owner)

    Holy crap… I couldn’t be any happier. These bars are so great. The fit and feel of them is just phenomenal. Feels like I could ride all day with these bars. I am coming from ape hangers and I feel right at home. If anyone has any doubt fear not cause these bars kick a**.

  20. Gustavo Torres (verified owner)

    Glad I followed my gut feeling and went with these bars. Great quality and finish and Look great. They were a breeze to install on my ’16 FXDB and made a hell of a difference. Next up is that gorgeous seat.

  21. Andy George

    I would give these bars 100 stars if I could!!!! Bad-ass bitchin’ Looks, massive comfort, and better control and front end feel overall. I work at a Yellowstone Harley-Davidson in Belgrade Montana and we often install these on our Dyna builds. They just made my bike the coolest thing I have ever owned (2011 Street Bob).

  22. Sam Chamberlain (verified owner)

    I got the 12 inch bars and couldn’t be happier. They are well made and look great. I would recommend!!!

  23. Zach (verified owner)

    Let me start off with talking about how much care was taken when shipping my 14″ San Diego bars & Poly bushings. I opened the large UPS box today (ordered only 4 days ago) to be pleasantly surprised with TON of brown paper box fill and about 5 inches of bubble wrap, just around the bars! As I dug them out I also noticed a bubble wrapped paper towel tube looking package. It turned out to be my Poly bushings…This is just Above and Beyond for packaging…especially for something so simple as Poly bushings… in which any other company just throws just into a small sized zip-lock style bag.I cant say that Ive ever been so excited/impressed to not see my ordered items when I opened the box. After unwrapping the 15ft of bubble wrap and exposing the beautiful black powder coated San Diego bars, I had nothing else to say but “fuck YA!” as i held them up in the air. These bars far exceeded the expectations I had been given by SOOO many top reviews…I have run other competitors MX style T-bars for a few years, these look, and feel, to be far superior to those based on wrist angles, craftsmanship, and accurate height. Initially I was very concerned about what to order…the 12″ or 14″…As DAVE told me over the phone, and has recommended time and time again to everyone’s same question, Go with the taller if you are unsure…He was SPOT ON!!..the 14″ are perfect and NOT too tall by any 5’11” and using a stock seat on my 2016 FXDL. ***Dave, I want to personally thank you and your team for the amazing products, customer service and your “every customer counts” attitude you have on the phone and in your email reply’s… Top Notch business man with that humble small business mentality. Keep it up! We need more of your kind in the world!!!

  24. Joey Pennington (verified owner)

    Ordered these flying blind because I had never seen them in person. Hands down best purchase I’ve made for my dyna. The packaging was nearly bulletproof, Several layers of plastic and bubble wrap and the bars were shrink wrapped so they wouldn’t be scratched by the plastic rubbing against them. They were shipped from coast to coast and arrived flawless. The welds are immaculate and the finish is top notch. I would definitely recommend these bars to anyone that’s interested. Very comfortable and easy to install. Micro plugs fit through the bars,Only plugs I had to de-pin were the signal wires and they are easy to do. I got 12s and they fit on my 2013 Superglide FXDC with all stock cables and wires. I was thinking about getting 10″ bars but now that I have these I’m glad I didn’t because they feel perfect.

  25. Jayke nj (verified owner)

    awsome product very helpful customer service im proud of my sandiego bars thanks dave !!

  26. Joseph Watson (verified owner)

    I got a set of 12″ San Diego Bars for my 2003 fxdx and… I fell in love with them. These bars are worth every penny and were packaged real nice. I had a something go wrong when I tried to place my order but the customer service was great and they were shipped in no time. Silly me I forgot to get my gauge mount at the same time.

  27. Anthony (verified owner)

    Let me start out by saying these are the most comfortable and best looking bars I’ve ever owned! The quality of these are unreal all the welds are flush and very nice im 5′ 7 and purchased the 12″ set and they feel great these bars were a breeze to install taking a little over an hour the holes for internal wiring are perfectly placed and big enough so I had no problems I highly recommend these bars to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable bar that really changes the look and feel of your bike the customer service is great and spoke to someone personally every time I called I will be a lucky daves customer forever!

  28. TY

    I got this because of a recommendation. I put about 20,000 miles per year on my bike. I chose the 10″ bars on my 2016 Dyna FatBob. Only had to replace the brake cable. I wasn’t sure if I would like it until I had ridden them for a few days and a few hundred miles. Now I am sure! They are more comfortable, help the bike handle well, have less felt vibration, help me ride with better posture, and better. WINNER WINNER ! ! !

  29. Shane (verified owner)

    I was riding the stock 6″ risers on my 17 FXDLS and felt I needed some height to regain my posture from leaning forward. I read reviews on these bars and knew I had to go with these, especially since they allowed the throttle by wire. The moment I sat on my bike once they were installed I knew I made the right choice. I’m 5’9 and the 12″ bars are perfect. Since I’ve installed these, my bike feels 10 times different in the best ways possible. Handling has increased so much that every time I ride is fun. And the overall look? Amazing to say the least. Best finish I’ve seen on bars as well. If you’re on the fence about these, just do it.

  30. Eric D (verified owner)

    I always used to go with cheap bars, rookie mistakes I know…. this bar is on a whole other level thank anything I’ve tried. Amazing quality in the polished welds, the bars are heavy duty and the finishing touches are like no other. Internal wiring was a breeze even though it was my first time. Chrome is some of the best I’ve seen. I had issues with finding a drag bar theatbdudnt put my wrists in a weird angle. These bars have A very slight drop at the grips and fit me perfectly for all day canyon carving! Also I hate wide bars, these are perfect in every way and legit could not have designed them any better. Comfortable but also aggressive and look amazing… can’t ask for any more. Really helped take my bike to the next level , especially with their gauge mount. Thanks guys!!!

  31. patrick_cottingham (verified owner)

    Ordered the 12″ San Diego Bars, and Bushings a few weeks ago. Before I ordered I was debating on the 12 or 14,” I emailed Lucky Daves, to see what they would recommend for my height (I’m 5′-9″) and had a response that same day. I ordered that night and upon receiving them, all I can say is wow! The packaging was amazing, everything wrapped up tight. Got the bars on and just a total difference. Had it out for a quick rip and they feel great, the narrow bars really have an aggressive feel. Cant thank you guys enough, so responsive and such a great product Thanks

  32. waller45 (verified owner)

    Picked up a 2016 FXDB with 74 miles on it. I looked at multiple companies to get rid of the ugly ass stock apes and decided to go with the 12″ San Diego Bars. Bars came wrapped tight and secure with a flawless finish. Quick and painless install with a set of the Poly bushings and off for a ride. The bars feel perfect. I will be ordering from here again very soon. The bars are solid as it gets.

  33. JeremiahWilke (verified owner)

    Put these on my 2017 Road Glide and the feel great! I feel as though I have better control of the bike now. Easier lane splitting also.

  34. Shew (verified owner)

    Holy SHIT! The most comfortable bar setup I’ve ran. 07 Dyna FXD put 14″ setup with mx grips and couldn’t be better. I’m 5’9″ and I have a slight reach above my shoulder and it’s perfect. Never doing apes again. Highly recommend this bar set and anything Lucky Dave’s to be honest.

  35. Karl G (verified owner)

    Got the 14″ bars for my 16 fatbob. Easy to instal and feel great at speed.

  36. Basharat (verified owner)

    I initially ordered the 12″ San Diego bars for my ’17 FXDL and changed my mind shortly after and ordered them in 14″ instead. The customer service was impeccable. Parker is really the man. He’s canceled my initial order and assisted me through the 14″ order right away. Every time I’ve called, he’s helped me out greatly. He talked to me as if he’s known me forever, which really put my mind at ease and never hesitated to update me on my order. Although I hadn’t received them yet, I’m already confident that I’ll absolutely love these bars since speaking with Parker made me feel really comfortable ordering them. I’ve never experienced customer service so dope when it comes to anything.

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