Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat

Product image 1Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat
Product image 2Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat
Product image 3Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat
Product image 4Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat
Product image 5Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat
Product image 6Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat
Product image 7Lucky Daves 2018+ Softail Street Bob Seat

Regular price $493.00

Announcing Lucky Daves Signature 2018 – Present Softail Street Bob Seat!

Models: Deluxe FLDE, Softail Slim FLSL, Street Bob FXBB, Heritage Classic FLHC/FLHCS

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Our seats are Run by the best in the industry and for good reason.  From the Eastcoastin Crew to CBear, Samoan Bruce, Junkyard Kenny and Dom, we have the industries best pushing the limits while testing and approving our parts before they ever get into your hands. We really take our time in RND and it shows in our customer reviews. Function is Form.

When designing seats, we have a different approach. Take a ruler, a pen or anything you can balance on your finger, get it to that sweet spot and now you can turn that whole object with the slightest rotation of your finger. Same thing applies if you can get the rider in the proper riding position. Our customers have stated countless times that they feel they can turn their bikes much more effortlessly with our seats. In fact, some customers even claim they use their hips much more to turn now because of how much easier the bike is to handle. These are huge claims, but they are made by our customers not us. Our seats quickly became the top selling seat because they were designed with purpose and carefully thought out with function and form in mind.

Our 2018 FXBB seat clearly falls in line with the rest of our Signature seats and is sure to set the new standard for the 2018 line. This design has an emphasis on performance riding but was tailored to provide unparalleled comfort and longer seat times for the specific 2018 Harley Softail models it fits. All of our seats are made from the highest quality materials that technology has yielded to date. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and we are confident that we have the best seats form the inside out that money can offer. The foam used in our seats has been carefully selected to provide a progressively denser foam towards the pan to avoid feeling any hardware beneath as well as a dampening effect that helps disperse weight and all but alleviate the discomfort we’ve all felt on long rides. Carefully embedded in strategic spots for you and your passenger are solid blocks of the highest quality gel available. This gel is so effective in dispersing impact before it reaches the rider that the felt vibrations and road hazards are drastically reduced for a superior ride quality. When your buddies are ready to tap out and you just wanna keep going you’ll be thankful you got the best seat in the industry.

We encourage you to look up customer reviews before doing business with anyone, including us. You have a choice when choosing where to spend your hard-earned money and we appreciate your business.


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