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Lucky Daves 2008-2023 Bagger Seat

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 2008 to 2023 FLH models!

Note: Will not fit 2024 baggers or 2023+ CVO models

Discover the ultimate upgrade for your Harley Davidson Dyna with Lucky Dave's performance seats. Our seats are renowned for their unmatched comfort, control, and performance, making them the top choice among riders in the industry.

At Lucky Dave's, we firmly believe that function is form. That's why every seat we produce is meticulously designed by Dave himself to provide riders an experience like no other. Our seats are engineered to deliver a well-balanced ride, a crucial factor that many other manufacturers often overlook. When your riding position aligns perfectly with the geometry of your bike's frame, you'll experience less weight and greater agility on the road. This alignment reduces fatigue and enhances your overall riding experience.

Each Lucky Dave's seat is crafted using progressive density, closed-cell foam, and medical-grade gel. This combination ensures lasting support and even pressure distribution, thanks to the closed-cell foam's resistance to compressing over time. Additionally, the medical-grade gel in our seats promotes blood flow and effectively reduces up to 90 percent of the vibrations transferred from your motorcycle to your body.

Our customers consistently rave about the superior control and comfort they enjoy with our seats. Experience the next level of riding comfort, control, and performance with Lucky Dave's performance seats. Upgrade your Harley today and discover the difference for yourself!

*All of our products are designed and made right here in Southern California.

Stitching Colors: This refers to the colored ring around our LD logo. Options are Black, Red, Grey, White, or Gold. On Double Diamond stitching pattern, the stitching on the actual seat portion will match the colored ring around the LD logo.

OG Bagger  vs Get Lucky Seat Dimensions: 

OG bagger rider area-18"X12.5" Passenger area 7"X12"
Get Lucky rider area- 18"X12.5" Passenger area- 9.5" at front, tapers down to 7" at the back X12"
NOTE: Some Harley Davidson models may come with Shock Bolt Covers that will need to be removed prior to installing your Lucky Daves seat. They could interfere with-and potentially damage- your new seat. Test fit your seat to check for any interference that may cause damage to your seat.
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