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Lucky Daves 2003 and earlier Sportster Seat

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2003 and earlier Sportster (3.3 Gallon tank only)

Will not work with Custom Tank (4.5 gallon tank)

We are proud to add Harley's longest standing production motorcycle to the list of bikes our seats cater to. If you are reading this you are most likely the owner of one of the most capable bikes Harley Davidson ever made, The Sportster. As with all of our seats we have gone through extensive R&D to provide only the best for our customers. Our proprietary shape will put you in the correct position and promote a better riding posture for more comfort and control. These seats have been field tested by the industry's top riders. Our Sportster seat is essentially our 06-17 dyna seat in a smaller package. We have not cut corners anywhere. When you buy one of our seats you are investing in progressive density closed cell foam, NASA grade medical gel inserts for the rider and passenger, premium materials beginning to end and a fit and finish second to none. If you want to do something custom such as a seat color, stitching color or gripper material please select custom and describe what you want in the buyer notes. If we have any questions one of our customer service reps will reach out to you. 


All of our seats are made using progressive density, closed cell foam and medical grade gel. The closed cell foam does not break down over time giving you the support your need and evenly dispersing pressure. The medical grade gel promotes circulation and reduces up to 90 percent of the vibration transferred through the seat from your motorcycle to your body. We have carefully selected the materials used when building our seats and the cover is no exception. We chose a premium vinyl over leather. Leather is not ideal for outdoor applications. It requires maintenance and is not as comfortable for the rider. We could place our vinyl next to any leather seat and you would probably think our seat was made from a higher quality leather, its that good! 

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