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Lucky Daves 1996-2003 Dyna Seat

Regular price $493.00

Seat color
Stitching color

For 1996 - 2003 Dynas ONLY

Will NOT fit FXDWG (Wideglides)

Lucky Daves brings to market our line of performance driven seats. You can expect the same superior quality with our seats as you have come to count on with all of our parts. Available in Tuck n' Roll or Double Diamond stitch, this high back design will give you plenty of support and comfort no matter what type of riding you are doing. Our seat is designed to keep you locked in that sweet spot. In addition the rider will benefit from medical grade gel inserts not only for them but also the passenger. We prefer the sound of a properly tuned evo or twin cam as opposed to a whining passenger! During R&D we found that we can easily ad a couple hundred miles to a day of riding with this gel as it isolates vibration and dramatically reduces fatigue. We believe in it so much that it comes standard in all of our seats!
You can pick what color stitching you would like. This refers to the colored ring around our LD logo. Options are Black, Red, Grey, White or Gold. On Diamond Stitch Pattern the stitching on the actual seat portion will match the colored ring around the LD logo.
All seats come with both rider and passenger gel!
All of our seats are made using progressive density, closed cell foam and medical grade gel. The closed cell foam does not break down over time giving you the support your need and evenly dispersing pressure. The medical grade gel promotes circulation and reduces up to 90 percent of the vibration transferred through the seat from your motorcycle to your body. We have carefully selected the materials used when building our seats and the cover is no exception. We chose a premium vinyl over leather. Leather is not ideal for outdoor applications. It requires maintenance and is not as comfortable for the rider. We could place our vinyl next to any leather seat and you would probably think our seat was made from a higher quality leather, its that good! Gripper material is available upon request (ONLY IN TUCK AND ROLL) but is not ideal for every day riding.
 NOTE: Some Harley Davidson models may come with Shock Bolt Covers that will need to be removed prior to installing your Lucky Daves seat. They could interfere with-and potentially damage- your new seat. Test fit your seat to check for any interference that may cause damage to your seat.
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