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Welcome to Lucky Daves. Function is form. We manufacture industry leading bars and seats. From engineering to customer service we focus on quality before anything else. Made in the USA.





Available in Tuck n’ Roll or Double Diamond stitch, this high back design will give you plenty of support and comfort no matter what type of riding you are doing.


Lucky Daves brings to market our line of performance driven seats. You can expect the same superior quality with our seats as you have come to count on with all of our parts. Available in Tuck n’ Roll or Double Diamond stitch.

Lucky Daves patented bars are engineered to give you unparalleled comfort and control. Whatever your riding style is your hands are right where you want them to be. Choose from our Lucky 13, San Diego or Riser bars.

About Lucky Dave's

At Lucky Dave’s, function is form. Having been in the motorcycle industry  over 10 years, a bike that doesn’t perform just isn’t attractive anymore. There are those that just want to look the part in any industry. Then there’s “The Rest of Us", we just want to push the limits in everything we do. Lucky Dave’s invites you to join “The Rest of Us”.