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Lucky Daves Dealer Requirements and Terms. Once approved all dealer accounts agree to the following requirements and terms. Failure to do so will result in account suspension.


  • $2000 USD minimum first initial order. We want to partner with our dealers and have found that having our parts line in stock dramatically increases the volume our dealers are able to move. It also creates residual business on the service side. Partnering with our dealers means we refer customers wanting to purchase locally to our dealers.
  • Copy of resale license and business license. Please e-mail to
  • In order to be an authorized dealer of Lucky Daves, you must have a fully staffed, brick-and-mortar retail location(s) with regular business hours and be able to provide quality services to customers. Please provide a brief description of business, other brands you carry and what percentage of business is Harley specific.
  • All dealers must follow MAP pricing guidelines.
  • Dealers are responsible for customer support.
  • No drop shipping allowed. All orders must go to your business address.

To sign up to become a Lucky Daves dealer please sign up HERE.



Any questions place contact us at 760-295-2910 Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm PST.

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