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Q: What is your return policy?

A: Our return in full can be found here!

Q: How do I know if you received my order?

A: If you provided a valid email address during the checkout process, you will receive two e-mails after your order is placed. The first confirms the details of your order. The second email notifies you when your order has shipped with a tracking number.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: When your order ships you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number and a link to a detailed page for tracking your order location.

Q: Why do I have to pay customs fees?

A: If your order is shipping outside of the US, you are likely to be charged customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, etc.) before delivery can be completed. The shipping charges applied to your order do not include customs fees. If you are not familiar with the customs fees in your country, please check with your local customs office for more information. If you refuse to pay the customs fees when your order arrives, the shipment will be returned.

We are unable to estimate customs fees, taxes, duties, etc. The delivery of your order could be delayed due to customs processing. If your order does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, you should check with your local customs office to see if they are holding the package for payment of fees. Also, some customs offices will send a separate invoice for your customs fees that could arrive several weeks after you receive your shipment.

Please be familiar with the customs charges in your country BEFORE you place an order.

Due to International shipping law/practices, we are unable to declare merchandise as “Gift” on customs forms.

Q: Do you offer local pickup?

A: Sorry we do not offer local pick up. You can order 24/7 online and we can ship it to you or you can ask your local dealer or shop to carry Lucky Daves if they don’t already.


Q: How are your seats made?

A: Lucky Daves seats are handmade here in Southern California made from a closed cell, progressive density foam and boast medical NASA grade gel inserts for the rider and the passenger. The result is reduced engine and road vibration, more support to prevent hot points in your hips on a long ride and overall unparalleled comfort. We have carefully selected the materials used when building our seats and the cover is no exception. We chose a premium vinyl over leather. Leather is not ideal for day-to-day outdoor applications. It requires maintenance and is not as comfortable for the rider. We could place our vinyl next to any leather seat and you would probably think our seat was made from a higher quality leather, its that good!

Q: What bikes to you make seats for?

A: We currently make seats for:

  • Dyna 1996-2003
  • Dyna 2004-2005
  • Dyna 2005-2017
  • FXR 1982-2000
  • Sportster 2003-Earlier
  • Sportster 2004-Present
  • Bagger 1997-2007 (FLH/FLT)
  • Bagger 2008-Present (FLH/FLT)
  • 2018-Present Softail Street Bob

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Q: Are your seats comfortable for passengers?

A: We have taken the care to provide our passengers with the same comfort as riders. We also have NASA grade medical gel inserts for the passenger section. This greatly reduces vibration and fatigue. We prefer the sound of a well tuned motor over a whinny passenger.


Q: What bikes do your bars fit?

A: Our bars fit all Harley models that DO NOT have integrated risers. Some examples of bikes with integrated risers are 2008-2012 Streetbobs. Please verify your bike’s model and year does not have integrated risers before ordering.

Q: What are your bars dimensions?

A: Our t-bars are 28’’ wide and riser bars are 29’’ wide. T-bars are measured from the very bottom of the riser to the center line of the grips.

Q: What size tubing and material are your bars?

A: Our bars are constructed of 1.25’’ DOM steel with grips at 1’’ to accommodate 1’’ stock Harley controls.

Q: Do I need extended cables?

A: Chances are YES you will need extended cables. The only bikes that don’t need extended cables are the Streetbob running 13” bars or shorter.

Q: What extended cables do I need?

A: Since we don’t sell extended cables we can’t recommend the exact length as bike models differ and aftermarket solutions are always changing. You will need to check with your dealership or service place.

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