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Pre-drilled Road Glide Nacelle

Regular price $200.00

When installing any of our Heavy Hitter bars, it's necessary to drill holes in your nacelle to make way for the base of the bars where they mount to our Heavy Hitter bracket.  We realize that drilling into your stock nacelle can be a daunting task, so we’re making it easy for you with these pre-drilled nacelle’s.  We took an OEM nacelle, and drilled these holes to work specifically with our Heavy Hitter San Diego’s and Heavy Hitter Sevens.  By doing this, we’ve taken all the worry out of it for you - all you need to do is replace the stock nacelle and bolt this one up with your new bars.

This allows you to use your factory gauges and ignition switch while also allowing you to run our performance oriented Heavy Hitter bars.

Product is unpainted and comes in the flat black shown so that you can have it painted to your desired finish.

Fits 2015 - Current Road Glides.

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