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Heavy Hitter San Diego Bars

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*NOTE: Requires the Heavy Hitter Bracket


Will not work with 2024 roadglide and street glide. Stay tuned!


Lucky Daves line of Heavy Hitter parts for Baggers!

2015 and up

These parts were born out of necessity. What’s out there simply doesn’t cut it for where we are heading with these larger bikes. Dave didn’t want dyna bars on his Bagger. Instead, he wanted to make bar specifically for baggers. Enter the Heavy Hitter San Diego Bar.

These bars are constructed from 120 wall 1.5” inch tubing and have been designed and crafted with precision and fitment in mind. As always Dave designed these bars with a function is form mentality and these bars will completely change the way your motorcycle handles. The width on these bars is 31.5”. Slightly narrower than the fairing for optimal control and minimal conflict splitting lanes. We are big fans of nice and narrow bars but during RnD we looked for the optimal width to balance comfort and control. We think we nailed it and are confident that you will love your new San Diego Bars custom made for your glide. Not familiar with our San Diego bars?

*NOTE: ROAD GLIDE Requires the Heavy Hitter Bracket

ROAD KING utilizes LD Heavy Hitter triple tree and does not work with relocation bracket. 

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