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Lucky Daves Custom Peacemaker Risers

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Custom Risers now ship within 3 business days! In-stock!

Riser Height Measurement: When choosing leg height, the leg height is the measurement from the base of the leg, to the center of the clamp for the riser bar, so total riser height.  For example, 8" riser legs would  measure 8" from the base of the leg, to the center of the clamp (not to the top of the leg portion).  Therefore 8" is the total riser height before the riser bar (see photo above).

Our popular Peacemaker Risers have just gotten better! The first generation were great but we held off on all the best because Dave wanted them to be perfect. Our newly updated (Oct 9, 2020) risers shaved some weight for a less bulky look and 3/4” internal wiring ports allow for an easy install. Our riser program includes straights, pullbacks and the single piece top clamp seen in the release photos. This top piece will interface with various brackets also coming soon.

Our newly released (Oct. 9 2020) single piece top clamp along with our 1.5” riser legs and 6061 aluminum construction provide for unparalleled strength and function. These precision machined parts are engineered and made right here in Southern California. We are proud to offer you unprecedented custom options for your build. Mild to wild we’ve got you covered!

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Bagger Fitment: If running our risers on 2015 and up baggers, you will need our Heavy Hitter bracket.  This also requires the dual top clamp option (the single top clamp option will NOT work).  This also requires our riser bar with 4.5" on center knurling.  When you add the riser bar to your cart, we will send the necessary bar.  Email with questions for fitment options on older bagger models.


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