Polyurethane Bushings



Lucky Daves polyurethane handlebar bushings. A must for your new bars.

TYPE A: 73-up FX , FXR , Dyna & XL (Except 04-10 XL , Springer Deuce)

TYPE B: 84-up FLT & FLHT, 2018 models including softails

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U.S. Patent # 6,547,269 – Lucky Daves Polyurethane bushings are a must when replacing your bars. OEM rubber bushings are not capable of handling the pressure most riders put on their handlebars. You may not notice it with your current bars but once you upgrade you will notice your current bushings are not up to the task. Too stiff and you will have a ton of vibration causing fatigue and numbness. Too soft and you will sacrifice control due to the bars moving around. Our polyurethane bushings will give you optimal control while still dampening most vibration. Not too rigid, not too soft, just right. In addition we’ve opted to have our spacers anodized black for that next level custom touch.

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